3 Ways to Use Leftover Chicken Jus

Whether you consider yourself a cooking connoisseur or you dabble in the art of cooking, you will know that many recipe leftovers can come in handy when it comes to making your next meal. Chicken jus is one of those ingredients that you can use for a variety of recipes, from bakes and casseroles to curries and soups. So, what are some ways to use leftover chicken jus? Take a look below to find out.


A classic roast

It’s no secret that the key to the perfect gravy is a good quality stock or jus. If you are roasting a chicken to make the ultimate roast lunch or dinner, save the leftover drippings from the roast chicken to add to your gravy to bring its flavour to a whole new level, or you can even use the jus as a sauce to mix it up a bit! Leftover chicken jus can also be used to marinate the meat you are cooking for your next meal. Simply rub the jus over the meat and allow it time to marinate before you put it in the oven to roast. If you enjoy roast potatoes with a twist, why not drizzle some of your leftover chicken jus over your spuds before you put them in the oven to roast? This will really make the flavours pop with the rest of your roast dinner.


Hearty soup

Chicken jus can create a whole new world of flavour in what you cook, whether you are making a complex dish for a special occasion or you want to whip up something quick for your Monday night dinner. If you are planning on making a hearty soup to warm up on a cold winter night, why not add some of your leftover chicken jus to give it a little extra kick of flavour? Unsurprisingly, a classic chicken soup is the perfect starter dish to add chicken jus to and it is also the perfect winter warmer soup! You can either whip this up quickly of an evening or leave it to slow cook overnight or throughout the day to make it a little bit more special. The amount of jus you need to add will depend on how much soup you are making, so add a bit at a time and taste test to get to the perfect flavour mix.


Slow cooking

When it comes to slow cooking, the most important step is to add hearty flavours that can simmer together over time to create a deliciously flavoursome dish. As chicken jus can be quite rich, it can be a fantastic addition to a variety of slow cooked dishes to give them a big flavour kick. Whether you are cooking up a hearty chicken casserole to serve up with roasted vegetables, a chicken curry that you would like to add a little something special to or a wholesome pasta sauce that you would like to take to the next level, a dash of chicken jus may be just the thing to give it an extra kick.

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