Furniture To Make Your Pet Feel Pampered!

To some, buying fancy or unique pet furniture can be quite far-fetched, but why not take that extra leap and make your pet feel special? Here’s some cute furniture that your pet will love you for.


Make it Match the Lounge Room!

If you like spaces to have a neutral color palette, this Dog Sofa is not only great for aesthetic purposes but it’s insanely comfortable for any small animal! It’s thickly padded and supported with a wooden frame, but also super easy to clean. It comes in brown or grey. 

Blend in!

The Jasper 2 Cat Litter Cabinet has to be one of a kind for pet furniture, considering how this can blend in easily with any room! Give your kitty comfort and privacy by having this as a little nook to sleep in if you prefer it. Made from painted MDF and stainless steel, this is also incredibly easy to clean. It’s a win-win!

Furniture To Make Your Pet Feel Pampered!
Furniture To Make Your Pet Feel Pampered!

Choose Luxury Spaces

With crate training, you want your pet to feel like their space is safe and comfortable, so why not choose the options that feel more homely to them? Kustom Kennels has endless styles to choose from, including the King Suite, which was made to give your pooch more legroom. 

These are hand-crafted from Metal Rebar and Pine Wood,  giving puppies a luxurious place to spend throughout training periods.


Calm Your Ball of Fluff!

This dog bed isn’t the cliché fluffy bed, it’s extra fluffy faux fur with added features. The Brooklyn Deep Sleep Pet Bed is suitable for every season and creates a feeling of calm that helps with animals who struggle with anxiety. Machine washable and guaranteed to provide relaxation, why not buy to try?


Multi-Functional Pet Furniture

If you’re good with tools, the Wooden Elevated Dog Bed is an exciting addition to your home once built and can be paired nicely within your own bedroom. Use it as a typical bedside table knowing your pet can get accustomed to their own space.


Don’t Shy Away From Cute Furniture

If you’re wanting to try more quirky pet furniture choices, the Avacado Pet Bed will give visitors to your home a laugh! Detachable, resistant to marks, and soft and bouncy for all kinds of small breeds, this is a non-negotiable buy. 

Add to the hilarious collection a Furrytail Little Snail Cat Bed to give your cat a cushiony experience when they feel the need to sneak away!

Furniture To Make Your Pet Feel Pampered!
Furniture To Make Your Pet Feel Pampered!

If You’re Indecisive, Customise! 

The Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed gives you 20 colors of geometric weave fabric to decide on, so it can match any home interior. Not just that, but you can customize the ideal size, feet, blanket, and cooling mat, so this is entirely suited to you and your pet! 

This is your all-in-one essential piece of pet furniture for every day of the year. Includes a supportive cushion and zip and machine-washable cover, overall giving your pet better sleep and higher energy.


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