How to make your hair look longer


As for women, hairstyle and its length play a big part in every day. A woman with short hair perceives to have a very strong personality and confidence. While having long hair makes a woman look feminine, professional, and younger. To get short hair is easy, just get a haircut and the right stylist. But to have long hair, it takes months to lengthen it. And not everyone can maintain longer hair for various reasons. That’s why I write this article giving you tips on how to make your hair look longer.

Here are easy strategies that can make your hair look longer: 

  1. Part your hair in the middle – this will project an illusion of a long hair look. All that you need is a comb that you will use to split your hair into two parts equally. This style is one of the easiest ways that will make your hair appear longer. Though this tip can broaden your face. 
  2. The use of hair extensions – This would have been the most popular and most effective means of making your hair look longer in a healthy way. This can be applied in salons or even at home.
    Hair extensions are made with real hair, so you can brush it, color it, and style it altogether. As easy and as quick as styling your natural hair. 
  3. Straighten your hair – simply doing it can make your hair look lengthy and shiny. This can be done with the use of hair iron or a hair blow dryer. This will take you not more than 30 minutes for preparation, depends on the length of your hair. But this must not be done on a daily basis.
  4. Put shine serum or hair polish – this makes your hair look straightened and even longer. With the use of the shine serum, the curls and frizz on your hair would be reduced. 
  5. Make an Updo hairstyle – This high hairstyle is a simple way to make your hair look longer. One of the best updo hairstyles is the doughnut hairstyle. This can make the hairstyle longer-lookin. 
  6. Layered Hair Cut – If you’re tired of long straight hair and want to have a change but don’t want to lose your long hair, this haircut is just right for you. This can create a longer look for your hair with layers. 
  7. Hair Vitamins – this trick allows you to make your hair appear longer naturally. The vitamins will help your hair to grow longer in a natural manner. This will provide the nourishment that your hair needs.

These seven strategies to make your hair look longer are just a few of the strategies. There are other strategies that you could do but these are the easiest and safest.


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